Durians. MmmMmmm.

The creamy texture, the sweetness that lingers in your mouth, plus the methane smell-alike fumes that you burp out after you eat it. Gosh, Singapore’s very own fruit king, the DURIAN! So I dropped by Ang Mo Kio Hub yesterday to queue up for the acclaimed durian pancakes down under basement one. It was worth it. I went home, quite the happy girl. Gave one to my mother, one to my daddy, half to my sister (she didn’t like the other half of it), 3 and a half to myself!


Never thought about how I would survive without them during my childhood days because they are my most favourite fruit ever. I would take notice of the uncle knocking a metal scraper against the spiky shell to check whether the flesh was like nice to eat using a knife to cut the shell open and let us inhale its fumy goodness!! My dad told me how the durian shells were used for punishment in their days; they have to kneel down on them when they had done something wrong. Nasty. Nasty. Nasty. Cannot imagine the pain they have to undergo if the spikes penetrate their knee caps. =S I’d remove the shell completely and eat the flesh thanks. =)

To date, there have been restaurants that serve rice in durian shells, cuisines that are cooked with durian, durian soup, milkshakes and pancakes, biscuits, bread too! We totally love to embrace our unique culture as well as the fruits that are bred in our small little island too. However, the durian stands out because of its tough and mean looking exterior, but soft and creamy interior. My mouth is drooling as I type this. I can’t wait to drop by AMK again, and I totally don’t mind the long wait for something worth it. Yeah!

Durians. The king of all fruits. Indeed. ORZ



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A Murder

Received a piece of horrendous news today: A Saint Gab’s student who was a classmate of my friend’s brother was murdered.

What was even more shocking was that his mother killed him. She killed him and after that slashed her wrists. But now she is out of danger and is arrested as her child’s murderer. All I know is that this piece of news is going to stifle loads of controversy and spark off debates about domestic violence, and also, distrust.

I felt sorry for the boy who died innocently, and brought about anger in me for the mum, who, gave her child life and took it away just like that. She had no rights to do so. A sentence popped into my mind a few months ago, when I had also experienced problems between my family and my relatives: “Not all who are bound by blood are called dearest.” This was a nasty thought, but what if one day, family members can just murder each other over the slightest thing? I hope I won’t live to see that day come.

As for the boy who died a wrongful death, I hope his mum will be brought to justice, but will be sentenced to life incarceration, because she deserves something worse than death: her rest of her life spent in regret. Hmmm, kinda sound like my first story draft. Hohoho!

Rest In Peace, even though I do not know you, but at least you do not have to see more of this cruel world and the people living in it. Goodbye, goodbye, little light..

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Ironically, today’s my dad’s birthday as well, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY OLD MAN!” and both the celebrants are not at home so I am somehow at a loss about what sweet things to do for them. Hmmm, I think I shall stay at home today and not spend any money. Whee!

Well, TV programmes are promoting about the great love of mothers and how kids are helping to make this day a special day for them. So I switched on the telly and turned to Channel 5. Debbie Travis’s Face Lift (Like Extreme Makeover Home Edition) was showing halfway through. I saw this part where there was this cute bald young boy who intoned “One more hour left.” and gave the camera a Victory hand sign. One look at him and I knew he was unlike other kids; he was special. Later, Debbie Travis said that the face lift for the boy’s house was a present for his mother. I teared! It was zomgly touching. When his mum returned home from a vacation and saw the dramatic change in the house, she cried like never before and hugged her young son and Debbie Travis and thanked them through choked tears. I teared again!

I shall go give my parents a hug when they come home later.

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Brace Face

As a young turtle in the well last time, I never did think that having straight teeth was kind of important in this crazy aesthetic-maintaining world. Having a little (or fugly) gap lowered my self esteem when I was younger. My dad even told me not to smile for the world to see, and yeah, I did not. Come to think of it, I lost my two front teeth in a very strange circumstance. I was lying down on my bed one afternoon and reading this hard covered book. My tongue, as always, was flicking the loose teeth and swinging them back and forth, when suddenly, I lost grip of the book, don’t know whether I had no strength or just had butter fingers, the whole book dropped smack on my face, and my two teeth were kinda caught in my throat. Some say too much force on newly grown teeth will make them crooked. And it did happen on me. So when I took pictures, I was so damn conscious of my teeth, I either stuck my tongue out, or I do crazy faces.

My parents told me I sucked on my pacifier for too long, so my gums were damaged. I just could not resist and gave them the dash dot dash face. Being an disobedient child, I suffered this lifelong consequence on having a defect aesthetics-wise.

For now, saving up for braces is my goal, as I have 9/10 more to go and the 1/10 in my bank account is always fluctuating like the stock market. I am almost giving up; whoever marries me in the end has to accept my faults. Har har har. Braces are considered an accessory now; my friend purposely delayed his appointment date to remove his metal cage because he wanted to look cool in his photos. What used to be a burden is now fashionable to him. Unfortunately, he had it removed by the end of the week. On a brighter note, he has a set of pearly whites now! Braces improves a lot of things. It increases self-esteem and helps to beautify faces and also, cuts down baby fats!!!!!!!! >.< These are proven by former brace face friends.

Anyone wants to finance 9/10 of the remaining?? Hahahahaha.

“Make me Beautiful.”

[From Nip/Tuck, which is a gruesomely, provocative and realistically awesome drama series. Though it’s PG on TV ratings.]


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P.S I Love You

Yes this is like some old movie which debuted from February 14th this year but I felt like watching it tonight online and so here I am now crying my eyes out like crazy. Whenever Hilary Swank cries, I cry, whenever she is about to cry, the tears well up again. Goodness,should have watched in the theatres, but on second thought, better not, you can’t cry as discreetly as when you are at home watching it in the wee hours of the night. I would have bawled and wailed in my seat there and then. Well, no one would notice anyway, since the sound effects are louder and more booming in theatres. Hohoho! I had never really taken notice of this movie before, just that I thought the soundtrack was bloody nice and when I stumbled on the official website, Holly and Gerry (who are played by Hilary Swank and Gerard Butler from the “THIS IS SPARTA!” fame) had like loads of intimate pictures taken with each other, and they both looked so sweet.

In this movie, Gerard Butler had this unconvincing brogue (it sounded more Italian than Irish), but the way he acted as Holly’s husband was bittersweet. He had to sound happy in all those recordings and letters he gave to her after Holly turned 30, even though he was dying and had left before her birthday arrived. Hilary Swank did most of the crying scenes and the I-am-lonely-just-let-me-die-with-him emotions charged up during the movie. And it made both my eyes damn swollen. And I don’t know the remedy for swollen uncomfortable eyes. Woe is me! But it was really great to learn some Irish cultures. Well I must say Cecelia Ahern really does a wonderful job in making taps run for readers. Hahaha. Books galore!!!

Okay,back to crying, I am not quite finished with the movie yet. God knows how many more trees will die because of my stubborn tear glands after the whole movie ends. =/

Ciao for now; this is the end of life as we know it. =)


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First “Official” Day Of School

Monday didn’t really count as THE official day cause there weren’t any assignments given and it was just an IS module that lasted two hours. Yes. 2. Consisted of everyone shivering in the bloody cold room, group discussions and a forever smiling lecturer. Hahaha. Well, he’d prolly made everyone’s day that lesson.

Tuesday had arrived and gone with a SWOOSH! And so here I am blogging about today. Hope it doesn’t bore you because now I am like almost half dead and energy is still being zapped out from every word I type. ROAR! But yeah, I like today’s Storytelling lesson by Mister Leslie. Everyone had fun continuing the graveyard scenario for Carvey, who has only a hula skirt on him. Weets~! Hahhaa. Will post my version quite soon..Soon enough.. For me to escape penalization! MUAHAHA! And there are finally assignments! I love! After we left the room for our lunch break, our class decided to go to the alumni clubhouse to like lunch. Never did we expect it to be FULL HOUSE! I’d bet most of them aren’t even GRADUATED! Bloooooddddddyyyy… But for the sake of our neglected stomachs, all of us hurriedly rushed down to Canteen 1. By that time, we had only 20 minutes left to queue up and gobble down our lunch. I think Tuesday’s hell day. Seriously. And below I shall explain why.

After break was 2D Art class with Mister Calvin Tan. And I realised he had a booming loud voice.. Okay, the room was small la. There was little space for all 15 of us and our easels to move exaggeratedly in that room. And yes we had easels and in the middle were things on the table (Not women without clothes) and we had to sketch them out with pencils, like real artists. And Mister Calvin Tan showed us how to measure and estimate the length of one end of an object to the other end of another object using long things, like paper that’s rolled up, chopsticks, pencils, blah. And we have to like close one eye and our tongue would inevitably stick out. Can imagine it? Hahaha, all of us really looked like some serious artists at work. The killer part was when we had to draw out this ah pek with sooooooooo many freaking lines. Best thing about this assignment? Right handers had to draw with their left hands and vice versa, UPSIDE DOWN. What the!! In the end,my ah pek had a distorted face and eyes that are one big one small. What an ugly ah pek. I stole glances at my other classmates’ work. I swear, they can be the next Vincent Van Gogh or something. Goodness gracious me! Damn sucky my ah pek turned out this way. RAHH! Fortunately Mister Calvin Tan gave us like two hours off of our stipulated time. Thank you thank you thank you!! I really needed the early dismissal. I could have died in that orange/black room with one of my eye eternally closed and tongue perpetually stuck out and my hands detached from the shoulders or something. Yeah.

And after much consideration and thought, I decided to join Barracuda Batucada (Say this ten times fast) to go and damage my hearing even further, Rotaract and the Catholic Apostolate Society. The stupidity about myself is that I didn’t realise I went to join 3 CCAs until my friend told me so. So what the hell right. Any of you who’s reading this would be giving the What the hell face in front of the computer screen. Right. Okay man, I am ready to zonk out any moment. BUT I finished one part of the assignment already!!! (Clap Clap) WAHOOO! Me is good today. Haa.


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